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Leo Garbe

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Versatile Expertise


Data scraping & analytics

Through precise data scraping and advanced analysis methods, I transform complex data into tangible business intelligence. My expertise ranges from developing robust scrapers that capture specific data streams to implementing analytics tools that detect hidden patterns and provide valuable insights.


MVP Development

Search in large datasets

With solid experience in Elasticsearch and other modern search technologies, I offer specialized services to make your extensive datasets searchable. My work focuses on creating powerful search indexes that extract precise and lightning-fast results from your data. I ensure that your data repositories are not only accessible but also intuitively and user-friendly searchable.

Custom Software

Customized software solutions are the backbone of any company looking to stand out from the competition. I offer you personalized applications that are precisely tailored to your business needs. In doing so, I rely on the latest technologies and close collaboration to ensure that the final products meet your expectations and revolutionize your workday.

Educational Technology

AI & Chatbots

I develop intelligent solutions that learn and continuously improve - from advanced AI systems to interactive chatbots. These solutions aim to streamline your processes, increase your efficiency, and provide you with profound data-driven insights. Discover how AI and smart chatbots can advance your business.

Process Digitalization

Cloud Architecture

Do you have a special use case?

For unique requirements, I stand ready with my network of specialists to realize even your most specific use cases. My approach is to proactively research any required domain-knowledge, to create customized, efficient solutions. No matter how special your requirements are, I am prepared to explore innovative paths and deliver the expertise you need.

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Open Source

" In commercial software development, we often stand on the shoulders of open-source innovation. I publish my own open-source projects and frameworks, contributing fresh ideas and tools to this vital ecosystem, fostering a cycle of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Liberty Invoice

Liberty Invoice
Intuitive yet powerful invoice generator for freelancers, business and everyone else
OOS Business SoftwarePDF GenerationPublished on Play StorePublished on Microsoft Store

Painless PDF

Painless PDF
Lightweight library designed to simplify PDF generation. It provides an intuitive and declarative API to create and manipulate PDF components, making it easy to design complex PDF layouts.
NPM LibraryAdvanced composition APITypeScript

License Gate

License Gate
License and API key management tool and validation API for developers
SaaS APIRSA secured


Application for the identification of decision-critical situations through dynamic bayesian networks
Probabilistic ModelsReal-time data analysisDeveloped for Fraunhofer IOSBHigh impact

German Language Trainer

German Language Trainer
Cross-platform educational application for improving your German grammar
EduTechCross-platform4,8 Stars (150+ reviews)10.000+ installs on PlayStore1.000+ monthly active users


1 million times faster spelling correction & fuzzy search through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm
Open-source algorithmState-of-the-artOver 3.000 stars on GitHubEarly contributor

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